Warming up

It feels a bit odd to be travelling to an Epic Camp after following the exploits of John, Gordo, Molina, Steven Lord, Russell Cox and others over the last 10 years. This year’s edition, across the French Alps, definitely fulfils the Epic mantra of “train in great locations”.

I was one of the final people, if not the last, to sign up in January. I was listening to an episode of IM Talk while packing up our home in Sydney for a move back to the UK. John mentioned there were “one or two spaces available” and a few hours later I had sent him a message hoping to take one of them.

After a 15-month break from ‘proper’ triathlon training, John warned I “would need to get back on the bike”. With around 1,000 km of cycling in front of us over the next 10 days, he wasn’t joking.

Getting out on the roads around Chester has actually been easier and more appealing than dealing with the traffic and drivers in Sydney. I’ve worn more layers than at any time during the last 8 years but the country lanes of Cheshire and North Wales are much more relaxed than the Harbour City.

Cheshire is pretty flat though, so I’ve returned to the indoor trainer for more specific “hilly” sessions in the last 4-6 weeks. My recent training venue:


will be replaced by this on Monday:


I can’t wait.

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