Treated like a Pro

One of the best things about this camp is the care you get given by the support crew. It makes training totally different when you can just get your training gear ready and roll out for a swim, bike or run. No other worries – what food you’re going to eat, washing your gear, packing up the van and moving on. Without any fuss, everyone’s bag magically turns up at the next destination.

Ian and Julie work tirelessly all day to keep everyone fed and watered. Somehow they manage to keep smiling as well. Julie even rolls by in her van with 90’s tunes playing. I wasn’t sure about some of her singing to start with but it’s actually starting to sound good now. Ian is always there with a description of the next climb or descent, and has put a few bikes back together for people.

There’s also Tim – doing his morning physio and health checks, plus EVIL massages that put you back together.

Ollie keeps everyone up along the route each day, picks up supplies, and provides local knowledge from his years living here.

Tim and Ollie have also taken a load of brilliant photos.

They have MADE the camp.




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