Happy Birthday John

John is spending his 40th birthday training all day. He started with a 36 minute 10km run and then went to the pool in Morzine for 100 x 100m (long course metres).

About 10 of us started out with him. Rob gave us another example of fatigue by beginning with 200m (he forgot the pool was 50m rather than the 25m he usually trains in).

I had no intention of doing the whole 10km, but my thoughts changed a bit as it went on:

2km – “I am going to bail at 3km”

3km – “Might as well go to 4km now” (we did it in sets of 20 x 100m)

4km – “6km is pretty close now” (you get extra points for a 6km swim)

6km – “Just an Ironman swim left now”

8km – “No point in stopping now”.

Another amazing pool to swim in – a great way to spend 3.5 hours.

File 06-07-2016, 16 09 48

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