The Pain Train

I have been leaving early each morning with the “Grupetto”. It’s a lot more of a mellow ride than waiting for the Pain Train to leave. That group has been cranking out the watts all week.

The Kiwis have been an integral part of the Pain Train. Here, John is seen showing off the Yellow Jersey; Murray is in Red (for leading Vet) and Phil is modelling a nice blue Rapha number:

File 06-07-2016, 18 52 56

Pete has an unbelievable capacity to bounce back from hard efforts. He seems unaffected from the week in this picture:

File 06-07-2016, 18 50 39

Ian has spent some time with the Grupetto, but then hammered away up the climbs when he got bored of talking to Stef and I. This picture shows him soon after a tri race, contemplating the rib he cracked by coughing too hard:

File 06-07-2016, 18 49 31

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