The Pain Train

I have been leaving early each morning with the “Grupetto”. It’s a lot more of a mellow ride than waiting … More


I’ve tried to create as many mental images as possible from the last week of riding. You could stop every … More


I’ve just finished a tub of chamois cream in 7 days. Some cycling numbers from the first week: * 850 … More

Happy Birthday John

John is spending his 40th birthday training all day. He started with a 36 minute 10km run and then went … More

Treated like a Pro

One of the best things about this camp is the care you get given by the support crew. It makes … More

First Day

We had a 5.30 a.m. meet before driving to do a swim race in the Mediterranean off Carry-le-Rouet. It was … More

Arrival in Marseilles

A 48-hour journey from Chester to Marseilles (courtesy of a British Airways flight cancellation) was perfect preparation for making a … More

Warming up

It feels a bit odd to be travelling to an Epic Camp after following the exploits of John, Gordo, Molina, … More